The Light

If you’re going through a rough time… know that this time will pass.

Your low phase will not last forever.

Your stress and struggle are not permanent.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.
There is a finish line to your pain for you to cross.

The only way to reach the finish line is… to keep going.

Keep pushing.

Keep trying.

Keep fighting.

Keep believing.

Keep hanging in there.

Keep forgiving yourself.

Keep giving yourself chances.


Keep giving yourself chance after CHANCE after CHANCE.

Give your mind and soul a break to recuperate, breathe, and then KEEP GOING.

Keep allowing yourself to drain the toxins you’re holding within.

Keep allowing your mind to shine light on your darkness.

Your road is so far into the world. You have so much more to live for. You have so much more to experience. You have unlimited potential to make the best out of your life, REGARDLESS of where you are at this very moment.

Life is unpredictable, but you can take the necessary action(s) to propel it where you’d want it to go.

YOU can turn your life around TODAY.

YOU can be in a better position TODAY if you KEEP GOING through the tunnel and keep the LIGHT in mind.

Keep your spirit high and motivation alive.

Often times we ALL feel our motivation drifting, shifting and fading. We ALL experience this brief dreadful moment.

But do NOT allow your motivation to DEPLETE. You will experience your motivation take a nap, but WAKE IT UP.



Have a little more faith in yourself.

You will be in a better place.

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