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Shari A. Roberts, MBA

Marketing Professional

New York, NY

Shari Roberts earned her MBA in Marketing from Howard University, School of Business in May 2020. She holds numerous marketing and PR certifications (ie. Marketing Communications, Social Media Marketing, SEO for Social Media, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Inbound Sales, Inbound Marketing, Public Relations Foundations, Public Relations Foundations: Media Training). She also holds a certification in ‘Fighting Gender Bias at Work’ in which she is very strong on wanting companies to do a 180° in respecting women in the workplace performance-wise, attribution-wise, affinity-wise, financial-wise, and likability-wise.

Love, Shari, founded by Shari Roberts, was created to combine her love for actively learning, marketing, PR, and inspiration into one website in being a sensei to all visitors. Love, Shari acts as a guide for your personal and professional marketing/PR growth. With the help of marketing/PR guidance and motivational posts, you will not only gain a beneficial understanding of key marketing/PR tips, concepts and strategies, but you will also enjoy the rewarding side effects of self-love. There is no limit on your CAPABILITY to STRIVE personally and professionally. We all have a point in our lives when we did not know how to do something, but we learned. We all started from somewhere. We are all capable of being a better version of ourselves than we are today. As long as you put your mind to it and your effort matches your mindset, you will be set forth.

With that being said, what you have been battling with on your own, what you have been struggling to break free from mentally and emotionally, will be set free. Believe it, and it will be.

Love, Shari will ultimately help you secure a positive state of mind.

3 Most Recent Experiences

Director of Marketing and Event Operations

Howard University’s Business of Sports and Entertainment Summit

(participated companies include MMG, Atlantic Records, Twitter, ESPN, NBA, NFL, MLB, Monumental Sports, Twitch, and more).

Marketing and Communications Manager

Hefty Haulers (App-Based Moving Company)

Marketing and Public Relations Consultant

CSRPRM Consulting Firm (clients assisted requires a high level of confidentiality).

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